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Our first foods tracker is here! Grab this compact A4 size tracker that magnets conveniently to the fridge and let us help you take off some of the “what should I feed my baby” stress! Our tracker gives you almost 100 foods for inspiration helping you think of meals and snacks for your little one with ease.

We know repeatedly introuducing a wide variety of flavours and textures to our little ones in this starting solids phase can really help them to become a little more adventurous with foods in the later years! This tracker helps you stay on course and record 3 introductions of each food! It’s a little more adventourus than some on the market with a nice balance of all fodo groups. Some lists we have seen can be a little heavy on fruits and vegetables, and whilst these are wonderful nutritious foods, in the starting solids journey all food groups are important and we want to also put a heavy emphasis on high iron foods as well and unfortunately fruits and veggies tend to not be very high in iron so our tracker has a generous section for proteins to meet these needs!

Grab it alone or in a bundle pack with our allergen tracker and meal planner today!

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