Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Starting Solids Australia. I’m Jeanette, owner and Accredited Practicing Dietitian. I created Starting Solids Australia after becoming frustrated with the misinformation and confusion that I saw other new mums being subjected to on social media! I wanted to create an easy accessible place where parents could seek non judgemental advice from someone actually qualified to give it! This is how the Starting Solids Australia facebook group was born!

Fast forward 2 years and we now have a community of almost 100K parents across our different social platforms! We now offer education on starting solids in ways to suit everyone and have manufactured our own complete range of Starting Solids feeding supplies that are available in our online store!

We focus on teaching parents and caregivers, that there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to feeding babies. We a advocate for weaning your baby's way and leaning into what works for you as a family with very few hard and fast rules, we teach you how to practise responsive feeding methods, and build a happy, healthy relationship with food for your bub.

I what i do

I am a firm believer that how we introduce our kids to food and how we teach them about food in the early years of life can have a long-lasting impact on their relationship with food, how they eat as they grow older and consequently their long-term health! We want to move away from the thinking of the generations before us and stop teaching our little ones that food is good or bad, that they must eat what is served to them and that their body shape or size is something to be controlled or fixed. We advocate for repsonsive feeding methods, gentle parenting and body positivity at all ages.

As a Mum of 3 I have also have first hand experience, introducing food to kiddo's, multiple times and I appreciate how hard it can be to get it right all the time. We meet you where you are at and help you tweak your approach in the ways that work for you. When working with clients I like to use a multi-faceted approach. I work with you as a Dietitian, but also as a fellow mum who understands that trying to find the balance between what is ideal and what is realistic and achievable when balancing work, home, family and life in general is not always easy.

my nutrition approach

Wean your baby their way. Don't getcaught up on labels of BLW , or traditional weaning and feel like the way you feed your baby needs to fit inside a perfectly defined box. We teach you some general principles in order to guide how  you approach meals, how you talk to your little ones about food and how you nourish and nurture their curiosity around food to help them become confident, intuitive eaters in confident bodies! We want to impower you to choose what works for you , your baby and your family and go confidently in that direction of feeding.

working with me makes food & nutrition simple!

We live in the age of information. At the click of a button you are saturated with articles and blog’s about nutrition! The internet has a mix of real, credible information and not so credible information. The former is written by people with no qualifications or education in nutrition! It gets confusing and overwhelming trying to decide what is real and what is made up! How do you decide what’s best for you, your family and your baby when there is so much conflicting advice out there!

Join us in the Solids Library today to have all your questions answered by Jeanette.

Begin your food journey in the happiest & healthiest way for you & your little one