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When should I join the library?

Our recipes and resources are focused mainly around the 6-18 month age group however our focus is very much on family meals and family friendly recipes making it useful for most families feeding little ones!

We recommend joining the library in the month leading up to starting to get the most value as our resources start from what you need to start and when is the right time to start however there is still tremendous value to found for all parents feeding little ones.

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    Do you want to feel confident and prepared to feed your baby and meet their nutrition needs?

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    Are you finding it confusing knowing what to feed your bub or stuck on just offering fruits and veggies?

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    Do you want an easy to follow, evidence based approach to feeding with personalised support?

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If the answer is yes the Starting Solids Library is the place for you! Inside our library we help families learn how to raise happy, healthy intuitive eaters free from the normal baby and toddler feeding drama. We teach our members how to let your baby take charge of their solids journey and lean into what works for you as a family rather than prescribing to any strict method of feeding.

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