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Introducing allergens is a common cause of concern for parents when starting solids! It can be incredibly confusing knowing how to offer all the allergens. Not anymore now that the Starting Solids Australia allergen tracker is here!

There’s a few reasons tracking allergen introductions is a really good idea, it helps you keep track of exposures so you can build to a bigger serving size next time, reactions dont always occur on the first introduction so tracking 3 initial introductions gives you more peace of mind, it gives you a place to record any reactions and discuss with your medical team and overall tracking and monitoring can help give you more confidence!

Our compact A5 size allergen tracker gives you all 9 allergen foods and a list of easy ways to introduce each food. The tracker magnets to the fridge and has 3 columns to track 3 seperate exposures where you can write what you offered and record any reactions or symptoms your little may have!

Grab it alone or in a bundle pack and save!

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