12 easy meal ideas for travelling with babies!

man carrying her daughter smiling

12 easy meal ideas when traveling with your bub

This is a question we are often asked because working out what to feed your little one when you are away can be tricky. So we have put together a list of 12 easy meal and snack ideas. If you want to learn more about what to focus on when it comes to prepping and buying meals or snacks while away, then check out our blog post on the nutrition side of things in our library.

So here we go, 12 super easy and nutritious options when you are travelling:

  • Yogurt, fruit, oats and nut butter (check out our post on the best yogurt pouches if you need some help with this!).
  • Avocado on rice cakes (Pure Harvest and Sun Rice both do low sodium options).
  • Four bean mix with tuna (can smash the beans for little bubs so they aren’t a choking risk).
  • Porridge, crumpets or pikelets with any toppings you have on hand.
  • Banana- the most portable snack! Pair it with a yogurt pouch for some protein and fats.
  • Ready-made ravioli or pasta and a sauce from the fridge section (the pasta can often be cooked in a microwave or even just left in boiling water in you only have a kettle on hand). The Latina, Coles and Mutti brands all do great sauces.
  • Ready to eat noodles in the noodle section come in small individual bags for less waste. The Obento Udon noodles are a great size and low sodium. They also don’t contain egg for our egg free bubs or those that haven’t introduce egg yet (we probably don’t want to try a new allergen while away if this is going to cause any worry for you). You can mix frozen veg through these as well as a quick sauce. Mix some milk and peanut butter through it and you have a DIY satay-ish sauce.
  • The black bean and corn flavoured bean mixes makes a good snack. They can be squished for little bubs with ease so they aren’t a choking hazard.
  • Microwave rice with canned salmon and veg you can grate through them or use a veggie pouch.
  • Any food pouches that work for you! You can always add in some protein foods and fats (peanut butter for the win) to boost the nutrition.
  • If you have cooking facilities, then eggs or omelettes are great. Eggs are another easy one to do in a microwave.
  • The Yumi falafel balls or the Wildly Good zucchini fritters are great for a snack or something to add to meals.

Of course, these are just some ideas to get you started. The most important thing is that bub is fed and it isn’t feeling like a full time job to find food when you are away. This means that foods that are easy can be the priority over a perfectly balanced meal. Of course, anything you can share from your own plate with bub when you are eating out is also an easy way to feed them.