How To Introduce and Serve Corn

How to introduce and serve corn by Starting Solids Australia

Corn is another family food staple that parents often ask about. Is it a choking hazard? Is it too sweet to offer? Can you offer it on the cob? So, let’s chat all things corn and get you feeling confident about introducing this food. 



Firstly, yes corn is sweet but there is nothing wrong with offering it to your little one. Whether it is frozen, canned or fresh, they are all packed with nutrition. In fact, snap frozen can actually have more nutrients than fresh! If you are choosing canned opt for a no added sodium if you can and rinse well. Corn contains vitamin C, antioxidants, B vitamins, Zinc, folate, fibre and energy.(1)


Is it an allergen:

No, corn is not a top 9 allergen and corn allergies are very uncommon. You may see undigested corn in your babies stool due to the high amount of insoluble fibre found in the skin. This is normal and doesn’t indicate an allergy. 


How to introduce it and serve it:

The shape of corn kernels can make them a potential choking hazard for little bubs. Keep this in mind when preparing it and serve it based on their age but also eating ability. 


6-12 months 

  • On the cob. You can cut the cob to make it smaller and easier for little hands to hold for independent feeding
  • Okay to serve fork mashed or purees 
  • Corn meal like polenta is safe to include 
  • Baby corn spears are safe to include cut lengthways. They may be suitable as is if they are super soft for little gums to mash (use the squish test to check they are soft enough) 

12 months+

  • Loose kernels are usually okay to start introducing around this age. Offer a few in a safe eating environment. Some bubs may be ready for this earlier, so as always be guided by your little one’s ability. 


Recipe ideas:

  • Corn on the cob
  • Creamed corn 
  • Corn fritters 
  • Savoury polenta muffins