How To Introduce and Offer Sardines

How to Introduce Sardines by Starting Solids Australia

Have you ever thought about offering your bub sardines? Many parents are shocked to see videos of little people grabbing a whole sardine and shovelling it into their mouth without a second thought. A great reminder not to push our own food preferences onto babies, who might love a sardine, Brussel sprout or even liver!

Let’s not forget that sardines are super convenient. Canned sardines are an easy addition to a meal with very little prep; simply open and serve. Look for sardines in olive oil or spring water, as flavoured options can contain a lot of sodium. 




A low mercury option when it comes to fish, sardines are also a really nutritious option to add to a meal or snack. Filled with important fats like omega 3 as well as protein, B12, vitamin E and D. Ohhh and we can’t forget calcium! You might be wondering how does fish have calcium? Sardines have soft little bones that are perfectly safe for babies and are packed full of calcium. These bones are so soft that they can be easily mashed with a little pressure from tiny gums. 50g of sardines contain almost the same amount of calcium as 2 cups of full fat milk!


Is it an allergen:

As sardines are a fish, they are a top 9 allergen. Although fish allergies in babies are not super common, we need to introduce fish safely and monitor for any reaction. See our article on introducing allergens for more information.


How to introduce it and serve it:

Unlike many foods that require you to change the way you prepare and serve them based on age; sardines can just be served as they are! As your little one gets older you can offer smaller pieces if you like, but there is no need to do anything special.

How to Offer and Serve Sardines examples by Starting Solids Australia

Serving Ideas:

  • Serve whole fillets with a main meal as your protein food
  • Mash through legumes or veggies 
  • Make fritters or patties with them 
  • Add into a pasta sauce 


Recipe ideas: