How To Serve Mushrooms

How To Serve Mushrooms resource article by Starting Solids Australia


The texture of mushrooms makes them a choking hazard when not prepared in a way that makes them age appropriate. The stalk especially is very hard and rubbery, and care must be taken to cut or grate this to an appropriate size, even when cooking. Cooking mushrooms does soften them, but they do largely remain firm and rubbery, so size is important. Ensure you wash mushrooms well before cooking.


How to introduce it and serve it: 


6-9 months 

  • grated or finely diced through food i.e scrambled eggs or Bolognese

9-12 months

  • Can offer cooked and thinly slice 
  • Can offer cooked and diced or grated

How to Serve Mushrooms to your baby from 9-12 months old by Starting Solids Australia

12-18 months

  • As your little one gets more confident chewing their food you can start to offer mushroom raw. Thinly sliced so it is easily chewed through


As always, these are general guides and the age at which your little one is able to handle different textures and preparation methods will vary.


Recipe ideas:

  • With their umami meaty flavour, mushrooms make an excellent meat substitute so are great with lentils as a mince swap for pasta sauces 
  • Adding to omelettes
  • Savoury muffins 
  • In a risotto or pasta bake 
  • Add into puree mixes