How To Introduce and Serve Cucumber

How To Serve Cucumber resource article by Starting Solids Australia

Cucumber has an interesting texture that is for sure. It has tough skin, a jelly like core, slippery seeds, and a firm watery flesh. It is a food that is often introduced early by families doing baby led weaning (BLW).



Cucumber is mainly water, so doesn’t offer as much nutritionally as other fruit and veggies, but it does contain some vitamins and minerals. It also contains fibre, especially with the skin on, which is great for gut health and digestion. 

The high water content means that when cooled, cucumber is a great food for babies with sore little gums when teething. Cucumbers that have been brined or picked will contain a lot of sugar and sodium and are best avoided for babies. 


Is it an allergen?

No, cucumber is not a common allergen.


How to serve it

Raw cucumber can be a choking hazard for little bubs due to the tough skin and crunchy texture. Despite what some people say when you google cucumber and feeding babies,  you do not need to cook it or wait until they are 9-12 months before offering it. However, it is really important you prepare it so that it is suitable for your bub. Below is a guide on preparation based on age, but as always be guided by your little one’s own skills and development.

6 + months

  • Large spears (quartered as in the photo, so it is too big to choke on) with the skin on or off. Your bub will likely just mouth on it at this age. 
  • They may break some off, but they should be able to spit it out. The key is that it is too big to choke on.
  • Grated into yogurt or through a meal.

Starting Solids Australia's guide to serving cucumber to babies 6-9 months old

9-12 months

  • Once your bub is biting food we move to a thin long piece of cucumber or thin round pieces of cucumber, with the skin on or off. The key is that it is too thin to be a choking hazard.
  • As they get older you can start to offer smaller pieces but still keep it thin. 
  • You can still offer it grated.
  • You can offer it in ribbons using a vegetable peeler.

Starting Solids Australia's guide to serving cucumber to babies 9-12 months old

12+ months

  • Be guided by your bub. You can start to offer chunkier textures when they are ready.
  • Always have them eating in a safe environment, this is especially important with more challenging foods like raw vegetables that require new chewing skills.
  • Model chewing with them as well.

Starting Solids Australia's guide to serving cucumber to babies 12+ months old

Serving Suggestions:

  1. Home-made tzatziki makes a great dipping sauce for breads and veggies
  2. You can use it as a vessel for things like cream cheese or hummus



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