How To Introduce Apples

How to introduce apples articles by Starting Solids Australia

This might surprise you but raw and dried apple is a food that is one of the top choking risks for young kids. It is suitable to offer from 6+ months (or when starting solids) but needs to be modified so it is safe. Rich in antioxidants and full of fibre, it is a great food to include in bub’s diet.


How to introduce it and serve it:


6-9 months 

Offer apples cooked- we want it to be nice and soft. A large wedge of soft cooked apple is a great way to offer it as a finger food. Rolling a wedge in something like coconut, almond meal or flax meal is a good way to help with their grip too. 

Using the squish test (squishing food between your index and thumb) is a great way to check if food is soft enough for bub to tackle with their gums.  Otherwise, puree or mashed! If serving apple this way, preloading the spoon and allowing them to grab it or pick it up themselves is a great way to practice responsive feeding, even if you’re not doing BLW. 

Introducing apples to babies squish test -  Starting Solids Australia article.


9+ months

You can serve it raw from this age but grated. A great way to starting to get them comfortable with raw food textures in a safe way. Smaller pieces of soft cooked apple are also okay.

Introducing apples to babies at 9+ months -  Starting Solids Australia article.


12+ months

From around this age, you can offer raw apple if you slice it very thinly (think paper thin!)

Introducing apples to babies at 12+ months -  Starting Solids Australia article.


2 years+

Raw quartered apple after 2 years, but ensure a safe eating environment and teach your little one to chew, chew, chew their food properly! Whole apple can be safer to offer before quarters, as it is harder for them to bite off large pieces. Again, be guided by what your bub is ready for but many consider whole apples safe to offer somewhere between 18-24 months. 

Introducing apples to babies from 2 years old -  Starting Solids Australia article.


Things to think about:

While apple is a great food to include in bubs diet, remember that one medium apple is 1 serve of fruit and for toddlers between 1-2 years of age ½ serve of fruit is recommended per day. Look at adding some nut butter or yogurt with the apple to pump up the nutrition of the snack or meal.