Serving Blueberries

Serving Blueberries article by Starting Solids Australia

Another fruity favourite for bubs and toddlers! Filled with antioxidants like Vitamin C (which is great for helping iron absorption!) and fibre these little berries are an excellent and tasty food to start including once you start solids. 

Rinse fresh blueberries before serving and at up to $8 per punnet know it is okay to use frozen blueberries too. Because of their small and naturally round shape these little berries are a choking risk for small infants and need some special preparation for bubs and toddlers. 


6-9 months 

You can squash and flatten those berries down or cut in half. You can also fork mash or puree.


9-12 month

We are still flattening blueberries at this age, but you can squash them down less and get them more use to a whole berry that they need to chew. 

Another note on safety, if you are using frozen blueberries ensure they have been defrosted but if microwaved, that they are not too hot inside before serving. 


12+ months 

As your little one gets more confident, and their eating skills continue to develop, you can move towards whole blueberries. When you do this is up to you. If you have a little person that tends to shovel food and not chew well, then you may feel more comfortable waiting longer to do this. You can try serving a few less squashed or whole berries with them and practice with over exaggerated chewing motions and saying “chew, chew, chew”.  Sitting to eat is important, as moving around increases choking risk.


Examples of how to serve:

How to serve blueberries to babies by Starting Solids Australia